It was such an honor to talk with bass legend Mike Watt about my musical journey and the making of “Lifetime Ago Motel”. After just a few minutes talking with him, I felt like a part of his musical family. I have the deepest appreciation for his dedication to the craft and his ability to see through the fog of genres and musical stereotypes. Music is music. Thank you Mike! Check out the interview at this link here —>The Watt From Pedro Show

Here is what some other folks are saying about the album:

“Much like the genre chameleon-ism of Ween – clearly a huge influence – Kenny takes all of his influences and spins them into something entirely original. Through it all we get plenty of heavy guitar shredding and unexpected instrumentation. Ultimately, Lifetime Ago Motel is a major artistic achievement from one of the more multi-faceted artists out there right now and is an essential listen.” -Glide Magazine, Read Full Article

“With his creative use of alternate tunings, aggressive strumming and otherworldly sound effects, Keith Kenny knows his way around the guitar. His one-man band sound, complete with a well-worn old red suitcase as a kick drum, has kept him on the road for over a decade, opening for the likes of John Butler Trio, Keller Williams, Ween and The Dean Ween Group.” -Rob Dye, American Songwriter, Read Full Article

“New Jersey-based singer-songwriter and unabashed rock and roller Keith Kenny may not have originally set out to become a one-man band, but he damn sure fulfills those expectations.” -Lauren Leadingham, American Blues Scene, Read Full Article

“Lifetime Ago Motel is a very solid singer/songwriter effort, track after track reveals his artful, musical approach to working through a challenging period of loss and all that goes with it. To his credit, Kenny is a solid songwriter, delivering strong melodies with plenty of strong guitar parts to keep things interesting.” – The Fire Note, Read Full Article

“Essentially the soundtrack of a creative mind struggling and coming out a different, more robust person, Kenny is a highly talented singer-songwriter, and his genre skipping approach and strong wordplay make Lifetime Ago Motel a valiant effort that commands your attention.” -Take Effects, Read Full Review

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